T-mobile Garminfone Will be Launch

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New Handset Android T-mobile Garminfone

Android handset mobile market is still the best, the evidence is still a lot of vendors who want to produce mobile handsets of this type. Recently mobile operator T-Mobile launches Android newest product is the result of cooperation with Asustek, which is a software manufacturer Garmin. Android handset is also named as T-mobile Garminfone, because in it has invested Garmin's navigation software.

Garmin software this way of working is: a user can navigate traffic orders, automatically routes the search, to search behind the vehicle users using only a voice. Besides the advantages of Garminfone is the first Android-based device that has a navigation with maps of North America database contains approximately 6 million points of interest purposes. This product is indeed spectacular and worthy of being a threat to other Android products.

Features also pertained brought high-end, dianatarnya is 3.5 inch touch screen, 3 mega pixel auto focus camera equipped with geotagging, web browser connections with 3G, wifi, and Bluetooth, and for the car is also equipped Garminfone special dock.

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